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Saturday, August 10, 2013

What keeps me playing WoW?

I am very happy to participate in my first Gold Blogging Carnival hosted by Copper to Gold.  I enjoyed reading all the posts last month about the definition of a good gold maker.  I had plans in the mix back then to start this blog and was hoping I would have it up and running before the next carnival.  I will be answering the question in two parts. This month's question is: What keeps driving you to make gold?  What do you do to avoid getting burnt out?

What keeps driving you to make gold?

I have many driving factors that keep me logging in and making gold.  To start off with I have not been really focusing on my gold making for that long.  I have only been super focused on it for about three months.  That being said I am only focused on a few markets.  I am still working on refining the markets I am currently highly involved in. I still need to set floors and ceilings for my markets.  I have made floors on many of my items but my fallback prices have just been slightly random high prices I had seen when making the groups.  I am driven to seriously refine these settings as I have just downloaded TSM 2.0.  This gives me a chance to start over fresh and use the great knowledge I have been receiving lately listening to Drunken Musings and Late Nite With Stede.  The last real driving factor is my goal of 500k gold shortly after the 5.4 patch release and then next benchmark of 1 million after that.  I am fairly certain it won't stop there as I am still fascinated with making more gold than I could have ever imagined.

What do you do to avoid getting burnt out?

Some of the things I will mention that keep me from burning out may overlap some of my driving forces.  I avoid burn out by challenging myself with broad milestone goals.  I have goals of getting into the inscription and engineering markets.  Another market I want to investigate and pursue is old expansion crafting markets that are still profitable.  I am very interested in learning new markets and refining them.  Preparing and stockpiling materials for 5.4 has me busy.  Since this is part of my milestone goal, I am scouring the AH every time I'm on for materials under my floor price on these items.

On the PVE side of things I am leveling a priest and druid to 90.  I am doing LFR on each role now, when I can, and prepping at least 2 to be ready for flex raiding when it becomes available.

As can be seen I have many things to keep me busy in game.  I also have a wife and kids, full time job, just started this blog, and am studying for my A+ certification this fall/winter.  I am always setting goals for myself in and out of game and sometimes some of the WoW ones don't get realized.  That is OK because the real life ones are always more important.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and this blogging carnival for this month.  I look forward to reading all your posts in the final list.


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