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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sha Crystals and Craftable Epic Gear in 5.4

Changes and follow up

I haven't posted in about two weeks since life has been keeping me busy with a new job and new hours.  I just started a new job where I am working third shift and seven days a week.  It's a good thing as my family and I can really use the extra money with another baby on the way in January.  It definitely has been a transition though getting used to the new flip flop of my days and nights.

As a follow up to my first post of the markets I am into and the challenges I have been facing I wanted to give a brief summary.  My liquid gold keeps going down as I am stocking up for the patch but I keep making gold too. I have downloaded TSM 2.0 and am seriously in love.  I am steady making gold on my jewelcrafter and have things set up quite nicely with the new TSM.  I mostly post on Wednesdays and Thursdays as I don't have much competition at all on those days.  I have been trying to sell off most of my stockpiled pvp gear and it is slowly disappearing. I have been crafting a few reborn weapons and those have been selling too.

The rest of the post will be some of my theorycrafting and speculations on things on the horizon in the days coming after 5.4.  It has been officially announced the the patch will drop on September 10, 2013.  This gives some of us (like me) some more time to stock up according to a great post by Nev New Crafting Materials for Patch 5.4.

Sha Crystals after the patch

It was recently announced in the 5.4 PTR patch notes that items that now cost valor, but after the patch will cost justice points, as well as new crafted pvp epics will now disenchant into sha crystal fragments. As far as I have found, three of these can be combined to form a regular sha crystal.  Now one of the cheapest ways, besides grinding justice points, will mostly likely be through cloth pvp bracers and cloaks.  These will cost 6 bolts of windwool cloth.  Depending on your server and prices for the cloth and sha crystals it may be a good idea to wait and not stock up on too many crystals before the patch.  You may be able to obtain them cheaper after the patch and these changes hit.  This will be especially true if you have a tailor/enchanter.

Craftable Epic ilvl 553 Gear

I have also found through some research on wowhead PTR that the new craftable epic ilvl 553 pve belts and pants will be bind on equip.  We will be able to profit off these not just make them for ourselves.  Now these will be gated by the fact that you have to first learn them thought random discoveries on your daily cooldowns.  I believe you learn the first epic pve pattern on your first discovery but we will have to see what  happens when the patch goes live.  Even after you learn how to make these items the pants take 28 daily cooldowns and the belts 21.  The only way to get around this is the new spirit of war that will come from disenchanting epics in the Siege of Ogrimmar raid.  These will let you bypass the daily cooldown and will make the crafting of these items slightly quicker.  In the mean time, the ilvl 522 pve crafted epics will still be profitable and sell well after the patch. There should still be many players finishing up Throne of Thunder to keep the haunting spirits stock on the auction house for weeks to come after the patch.  Many players will be trying to get that ilvl 496 to get into the new LFR and the 522 gear will still be a good way to do that. By the way that isn't just a random ilvl I came up with; @Warcraft on twitter mentioned that it will be the requirement for the raid in a comment just today.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment or contact me through twitter or email.

Good luck on your journey.